So, already, when you get onto Raya, you’re already feeling like you’ve gotten into an exclusive club. Kellan Lutz has supposedly joined an highly curated dating app and still feels the need to go under an alias because, what? Relieved to not have to worry about being rejected by Raya because I certainly would be if I were single.

There is a hilarious story today at Page Six about Kellan Lutz and how he’s on Raya under a fake name, Sebastian.

I really, really want this to be his profile photo: Sebastian, the scholar, loves books and nature.

Couple of weeks ago we were at a junket, killing time.

Tall, well dressed, sexy, great moves, and articulate. , he’s worried about getting catfished by a Twi-Hard?

Ashley's like one of the boys, she's just so easy-going and cool.""I've dated girls and I always wait for that one right time to kiss. ' and now she's back in town and I'm scolding her for not responding.

I don't kiss on the first date, so I'll take a girl out to dinners, and we'll go bowling, and I make sure to charm them before I do it.""It's just really important to find someone who has the same morals or values and goals and interests in life. I was like, 'I'm not taking you out for your birthday until you bring Marlo over to see Kevin because they haven't seen each other yet!

They don't have to be exactly the same, I mean, opposites attract also, but it's nice to have someone who's actively growing.""Ashley went to Germany to do a movie, and she's the worst with responding to texts.

Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz have definitely hooked up, and the only reason he’s not kissing and telling is because “he didn’t get the girl,” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

Do you think Kellan should come clean about his relationship — or lack thereof — with Miley?