When it comes to our online dating profiles, we’re all looking for a way to appear as interesting online as we are in person.However, it can be hard to find a way to inject your personality into traditional dating profiles, like Match and e Harmony – especially if writing isn’t your forte.

Unlike Tinder, Charm relies on video instead of pictures.

As their slogan says, “you are so much more than a profile pic! Let’s explore the pros and cons of video in online dating profiles. Video allows you to display just how funny, charming, or – let’s face it – devastatingly handsome you are.

If you’re not shy, video is a great way to display how awesome your personality is.

Unlike photos, videos can’t be from three (or ten) years ago when the person you’re talking to was twenty pounds lighter.

Appearance isn’t everything, but mutual attraction does matter!

And it’s always a little disconcerting to show up to a date, only to find that the person you’re meeting barely resembles the photo on their dating profile. Other people don’t know your good angles as well as you do, but you also don’t want your profile to be full of selfies.

If you’re taking any of your profile photos in the bathroom mirror, then your online dating profile photo sucks.

The easy video recording tool allows you to record a video profile with your webcam.

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