When a video game company creates a new console with the ability to play games of an earlier game system, it is mostly planned that the console should be backwards compatible at launch.But in Microsoft's case, the Xbox 360's being able to play Xbox games is an afterthought as that was not applied initially.

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That isnt as big a problem as you think since the power brick has a fan in it and the console has both top and side vents(Microsoft finally learned their lesson with overheating). Though I'm looking forward to what's coming after... However, I feel the 360 was far more superior at it's time. Kinect Tv Mount- Very in expensive add- on that gets your connect the best view of your room.

Aside from that I have absolutely no complaints with the system at all! The only thing that feels next gen at all about this system is the Kinect 2.0. But I feel like with this console, Microsoft was more focused on home theater usage rather than a gaming console.

Other than that, it feels like I'm simply upgrading from a Slim elite 360 to a newer version of one.

The system also makes it really easy to maneuver through all of its many assets.

This is my first time every owning any kind of console-related camera but I must say the kinect really blew me away.

Not only does voice command make things even more effortless but it also has gesture commands. Make sure your tune your kinect when there is normal noise going on.

As if that wasnt enough, if you add the microsoft smartglass app on your mobile devices it is almost the same as having another remote. There is just so much this system has to offer and I feel like I have only scratched the surface. The NEXT GEN ALL -IN -ONE This system is your all in one entertainment center. What you NEED (IMO): Re- chargeable battery system- Either the one from energizer or the microsoft plug and charge add- on. If you tune your kinect in your noisey house when its quiet.....

This black console comes with wireless Internet connectivity that makes it convenient to chat with online competitors or download content.

The x86-64 AMD 8-core processor embedded in this gaming console provides gamers with enhanced gaming experience. It was packaged with bubble wrap and covered in plastic covering to protect it and keep it clean during shipping. My ONLY complaint is that it already had a barely-used profile on it already, but it was no biggie.