You should also get a message at your old email address confirming the change.If you don't get these emails and you’ve already checked your spam folder, request a new email.

You can also create another Google Account with a different Gmail username.

If you don't use Gmail with your Google Account, you can change your account username to another email address at any time.

Change the email address on your account Once you've saved the change, you should get a message at the email address you just added to your account.

To complete the change, click the verification link in this message.

Roots does not have a public registry of user address changes.

With the exception of mailing lists, we recommend you periodically check to see if the address has been updated.

Or click here for suggestions on finding updated addresses for other researchers.

When you create your Google Account, your username is the full email address you used to create your account.

This means you’ll have to change or delete the email address linked to your account if you want to change your username.

If you use Gmail with your Google Account, it's not currently possible to change your Gmail username after you've registered.

You can, however, delete Gmail from your account and use a different, non-Gmail address for your Google Account.