================================================================Better Cities is modular, so you can choose which cities to have in your game and which to leave out.

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=========================================================================================Description A compilation of the Better Cities mods, translated from the original German mods into English, with other mods integrated in, and then vastly enhanced and expanded upon.

So, originally from Max Ischreyt (aka Bananasplit), you have here: Better Cities: Anvil, Better Cities: Bravil,, Better Cities: Chorrol, Better Cities: Leyawiin, Better Cities: Skingrad Better Cities: Imperial City Market District From Reckless: Better Cities: Cheydinhal (Reckless German version)From Wolfslady: Better Cities: Bruma (Wolfslady German version)Better Arboretum (Wolfslady German version)Plus the Integration of the following mods: From Silent Resident: Impe REAL Castles Impe REAL City From Ryan: Blood & Mud Dirt Deluxe Anglais From Acros and ANDORAN team: Cyrodiil Rebuild Cyrodiil Rebuild II: Imperial Capital From jlf2n: Anvil Bay Expansion Bravil Docks From On Ward Softworks (aka The Xanadu & The Last Voice): Leyawiin Port From Nernie: Numerous gorgeous interiors designed specifically for Better Cities Bravil River Shack and Village Waterfront Market From Khornate and Qazaaq: Let the People Drink!

From Lynge: Lynge's Thieves Highway From Sjors Boomschors The IC Waterfront Tunnel Entrance From TESFU & Hendrix TESFU Book Collection From Jadrax: Moth Priests and Temple Apartments 1, 2 & 3From Jagnot: Imperial City Library From Watchesfromshadows: The Scribe Supplies (the shop only, the decorations all over Cyrodiil are left inside the fixed ESPs)From Reaper9111: Reaper's Arcane University v3 (exterior part only).

Reaper's Waterfront From Manargo & Zaldir: Delivery Job From Zarkis: Bank of Cyrodiil=========================================================================================-Integration of Cyrodiil Rebuild and Let the People Drink!

To improve FPS (frame rate per second) and reduce crashes from game engine overload Oblivion Reloaded - OBGECTD and Memory patch ENBoost Optimised Distant Land MAX to increase your FPS in Tamriel world Oblivion Stutter Remover with b Replace Heap=1 in the ini found in the OBSE folder More Heap by shade Me.

Attempts to improve memory handling to prevent CTDs=========================================================================================Visit the Better Cities Wiki.

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Some ancient Ayleid statues, uncovered from recent digging under the city have been placed in the District for the population's admiration.