I am running Windows 8 on my main machine and thought I would upgrade to the new firmware for my Canon EOS 7D.

updating firmware on canon 7d-45

I have been considering running Linux in virtual box if linux can mount the camera so that I have write rights to it. And if it could would it be able to do it from inside a virtual box? If you cannot access that, try help here about accessing the memory card in the first place, not the firmware update, since that is a secondary issue. In windows, the CF card will show up as a device with a file system.

Anyone have some brilliant idea on what I have left to try? Drop the firmware update file in the ROOT directory of the CF card, use the "Safely remove hardware" feature to disconnect the CF card from windows, and remove it from the card reader.

I would try to connect the camera, then go to the device manager in the control panel and find the entry there. Once you have the firmware update file in the root directory of an empty CF card, you simply pop that card into the 7D, and use the firmware update menu on the camera itself to update.

I've done several firmware updates for my 7D now, and I've found this method to be the most reliable, and generally speaking broadly compatible with just about any computer system that properly supports CF cards.

The problem with the EOS Utility that you downloaded is that it is an Updater, not an Install.

Canon is notorious for this: they require you to have installed the software from the original disk and then update from the web.However, some have found methods that purport to simply convert the updater you downloaded into an installer.Oh well, I googled a bit and seems I am not the only one with this problem. Okey fine I thought and downloaded the latest update version.I guess we have to wait for Canon to fix this right? Grabbed my CD that came with the camera and installed the EOS utility on it. It came as a zipped dmg file with an app file on it (talk about over packaging...) Anyhow, I unzipped, mounted the dmg file and started the app.A dialog flashed past me saying it was unpackaging the files, then nothing.It stayed complete nothing for a while and then I gave up. What other alternatives is there except buying an external card reader? check if you can access the memory card for transfer. Simply pop an empty CF card into a card reader attached to a USB port on the computer (you can find these pretty cheaply, maybe around -).