This is not a judgement about blue collar workers but rather a simple truth about Ukrainian life.The women of Sumy have been well educated in universities and institutions and are smart enough to desire a different life for themselves.Unlike the women in Kiev, Sumy girls do not have the same opportunities to meet foreigners or even so many foreign businesses in the area.

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You might wonder why such a small city has so many women at Sumy dating agencies.

Well, this size is actually quite large for a Ukrainian city.

When you take a look at what the women in Sumy are looking for, you get a good understanding of all Ukrainian brides.

These are intelligent, beautiful yet simple girls who crave a family life.

The good thing about Sumy is that it is neither a bustling huge metropolis nor a small village.Because of this, the girls have no trouble adjusting to life in any setting, whether it be a Midwestern suburb or a big city.Of course, the women are beautiful but we aren’t going to focus on those aspects.Eye candy alone doesn’t make for a good wife- though it is always a nice perk.Sumy is yet another city in the Ukraine where women outnumber the men in terms of population. Even if the population were balanced, Sumy women probably wouldn’t be so keep to marry a drunk!Because the main economy in cities like Sumy is primarily industry and factories, the men tend to veer towards alcoholism even earlier.