But it needs to be studied with the necessary impartiality, as if one were studying the toga worn by Julius Caesar on the day of his assassination." Playing the part of the Devils advocate, we confronted Dr. No self-respecting scientist would even call the authenticity of this photograph into question any longer.Siliato with the most common objections against the authenticity of the Shroud. The first photo was taken exactly a hundred years ago, in 1898, by the lawyer, Secondo Pia.

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There are many things which will astound you, and much evidence which you have never heard mentioned which may make you want to think again.

As a scientific researcher specialising in early Christian archaeology, Dr.

Siliato recently published a book, Shroud, which makes a thorough examination of all the archaeological, historical and scientific research which has to date been conducted into the worlds most famous burial cloth.

"I believe," she says, "that this extraordinary archaeological document can be understood and accepted by believers and non-believers alike.

Although covered with wounds and bruises, his expression in death is that of one who is spiritually calm and composed.

At the time, some people insinuated that Pias photographs had been doctored, suggestions which caused this man a great deal of suffering. (Shroud of Turin Research Project) examined the Shroud in Turin with all the most modern and sophisticated equipment available, but they found no evidence whatsoever that the image had been drawn on.

Scientific recognition of the photographs authenticity only arrived in 1931, when another photographer, Giuseppe Enrie, was authorised to take a second series of photographs. The very faint outline of the face and body could not possibly have been drawn there are no traces of any kind of colouring.

After its miraculous escape from a fire in Turin Cathedral last April, the Shroud, venerated as a relic of Jesus, has started to reveal its mysteries and they dont fail to astonish.

Are you convinced that the image is only a forgery? Do you think that the carbon-dating tests conducted in 1988 proved conclusively that the Shroud was an elaborate forgery dating from the 14th century?

Then sit comfortably in your armchair, take a deep breath, and read carefully what Dr.

Maria Grazia Siliato, one of the worlds foremost experts on the Shroud, had to tell us.