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– June 6, 1922), born Helen Louise Leonard, was an American actress and singer.

She became one of the most famous actresses and singers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, known for her beauty and style, as well as for her voice and stage presence.

Russell was born in Clinton, Iowa but raised in Chicago.

Her parents separated when she was eighteen, and she moved to New York with her mother.

She began to perform professionally by 1879, singing for Tony Pastor and playing roles in comic opera, including Gilbert and Sullivan works.Composer Edward Solomon created roles in several of his comic operas for her in London. Cause I'm 32 yrs old making fake profiles on the Internet contacting 1 person with multiple fake accounts. and I'm trying to "run game" I think Spanish people are "cool" now. I think the world calls your a two timing whore actually. So don't find solice in talking to people especially a person who wasn't there for me when in the first time in my life I asked someone to be there for me when I was at the darkest time in my life. And heroin blackens your soul it kills you from the inside and steals your heart away. No posting you on the Internet as a catfish is not lower than low. To get that straight, harassing a person on a dating site on the Internet is lower than low. Then taking pictures of yourself with other guys tryin to get someone jealous what do you call that? Well the truth is your just a sex object and sorry that I can't help you with that the problem is that in the past 16 yrs I haven't had any friends. Cyber bullying someone with fake profiles and you think nobody can beat you cause your hiding behind a computer.