And when I wear those perfect outfits that show off my sexy long legs, 34 C breasts and pretty and very flirty smile. I can tell how excited he gets when we are all alone.And I can’t help but notice the rise in his pants as his dick gets rock hard for me.

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I just got home from classes and can’t help admit that I’ve been thinking about the new babysitting job that I started doing a few weeks ago.

He is a friend of the family and was looking for someone who could watch his son a few hours after class And seeing as how I’ve got really good references from other dad’s he just knew I would be the perfect girl for him.

I also can’t stop thinking about the most deliciously cock stroking blackmail phone sex.

I am the type of princess whose a bad girl with a very spicy imagination.

But then again you know what they say about red heads….

I’m thinking about his sexy voice and how submissive he is. When I think about a man who is taken and attractive not to mention having lots of secrets to get exposed by the perfect princess.I can’t stop thinking about his weakness for young girls like myself.Those who are the perfect cock tease who know how to wrap a man like himself around my pretty little finger and get exactly what I want.if the board found out I’m getting personal with my female students off campus then I could lose my job.” I accepted it for the moment but not long.I had him exactly where I wanted and he knew the blackmail phone sex was about to heat up quickly.One afternoon I decided to sneak in his home office after putting his son to bed.