You have to stand in front to make sure you're seen." The Ballas family trained Julianne and her brother Derek Hough (who is still a current dance pro on ) as children in London.Hough and Ballas even competed together in the Junior Olympics.PHOTOS: Jaw-dropping DWTS makeovers The source also said Derek Hough tried to make light of his sister's comments, but Ballas wasn't having it.

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He has won the mirrored ball trophy twice, in season eight and six. MB: Relatable, catchy, funky, it makes you want to move but it is also about things you can relate to.

In 2011, Ballas released Hurt Love Box, his first album.

He is planning to release a new record sometime in 2014. It is my first full studio album; the last were just acoustic fun stuff.

, it was dance pro Mark Ballas who stole the show -- at least that's what former pro and guest judge Julianne Hough claimed.

PHOTOS: The biggest celebrity feuds ever After Ballas called Hough's post-performance commentary "hypocritical" on the post-show red carpet, insiders tell Us Weekly that the dancer was "furious" with Hough.

"The dancers were all talking about it," our source said."Mark was so pissed after his routine, he was in silence, just gritting his teeth for a long time. Julianne is like his little sister he grew up with, and for her to make that dig at him..felt like that was just so uncalled for." PHOTOS: Julianne's red carpet style Following Ballas' dance, Hough encouraged his dance partner, singer Christina Milian, to reclaim the spotlight saying, "I've danced with Mark. While on DWTS, Ballas has had dance partners from Christina Millian to Kim Kardashian and Bristol Palin. MB: John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Ellie Goulding, if he were still alive, Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran. Ballas joined DWTS in its fifth season after having a background in professional dancing. It has funk, pop, there is a little Latin flare in there since I grew up playing guitar. TCC: Who would you like to duet with on your album? I used to say Jennifer Aniston but I’m on the Ellie Goulding thing right now. TCC: If you were in a dance battle for your life and you had to pick three people to be on your team, who would be on your team and why? Gene Kelly would be on there too and Michael Jackson. The DWTS pro sat down with The Celebrity to talk about his partnership with Blueprint to Quit, his singing career and dancing. Another word I have been using is unique, it has a whole blend of styles. Me, Derek, Gene and Michael Jackson- that would be awesome! He is on the wildly popular Dancing With the Stars and has won multiple times.