After years in the making, scientists finally announce the creation of the first calibration curve for radio carbon dating.The achievement helps this investigation method achieve its full potential, analysts say, more than 30 years after investigations started.

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The calibration curve has highly anticipated and expected by archaeologists and geologists alike, as this will allow for them to construct more precise time lines for various events that took place in our planet's history.

A host of issues, such as climate modeling, human evolution and migrations, and our species' adaptation to the environment could get clarifications with the innovative tool, its creators say.

The reason why 50,000 years is widely considered to be the limit for carbon dating technology is the fact that samples return inaccurate results if they are older.

It all makes sense when looking at the simple mechanism that underlines the investigation method.

As plants and animals live, they absorb trace amounts of the element carbon-14, which they store inside their bodies.

After they die, the element is naturally no longer absorbed.The carbon radioactive carbon compound is extracted directly from carbon dioxide (CO2).As it decays inside plant and animal remains, it “ticks like a clock,” researchers say.With RC dating, researchers can determine precisely how much time has elapsed since the artifact containing the compound died off.After the 50,000-year threshold, the amounts of carbon-14 remaining are widely considered to be too little to inform accurate measurements.The calibration curve enters into play when scientists need to compensate for factors such as solar activity, and the influence that the Earth's magnetic field exerts on carbon-14.