SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: (also birdstone, boatstone) banner stone CATEGORY: artifact; lithics DEFINITION: A stone atlatl -- a throwing-stick weight -- put on the shaft to give great propulsion to a thrown dart.The stone is perforated for hafting and often has a bipennate, 'butterfly', or banner-like appearance.SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: bird-stone, bannerstone, boatstone CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: A class of prehistoric stone objects of undetermined purpose, usually resembling or shaped line a bird; carved bird effigies.

The NPS archeology and ethnography program provides national leadership, coordination, and technical guidance to aid in preserving this heritage.

Wisconsin Electronic Reader – A cooperative digital imaging project of the University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System and the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

CATEGORY: geology DEFINITION: A pepper-colored stone used in ancient Roman buildings before the introduction of marble.

The stone may have come from two volcanic craters which formed the modern Lake Albano, southeast of Rome.

These polished stone weights occurred in the cultures of the Archaic tradition (8000-1000 CATEGORY: geology DEFINITION: A type of bluish-gray combination of dolerite, rhyolite, and volcanic stone used in the second phase of building Stonehenge.

The source seems to be the Preseli Hills of South Wales, 215 km away.SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: (see bannerstone, birdstone)CATEGORY: lithics DEFINITION: A boat-shaped stone atlatl -- a throwing-stick weight -- put on the shaft to give great propulsion to a thrown dart.Regional Information & Sites | Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Florida | Georgia | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kentucky | Minnesota | Mississippi | Montana | New Hampshire | New Mexico | North Carolina | Oklahoma | Ohio | Tennessee | Texas | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming | Canada | Related News & Information Welcome to the U. National Parks – This site is dedicated to providing information on all U. National Parks It is our intent to provide information that will be timely and of assistance in planning a trip, vacation or obtaining data about a park.National Park Service – “Ancient Architects of the Mississippi” The National Park Service is steward of a diverse cultural legacy.From the cliff dwellings of the Southwest to the reminiscences of neighborhood residents where Martin Luther King, Jr.grew up, this legacy represents a continuum of American heritage–its places, objects, and traditions.