It is clear, then, that most of the credit for agency dating experiencing a second wind in the new millennium can be attributed to large, bustling cities such as the English capital.In fact, were one to need an example to illustrate the benefits of agency dating, London would make for an excellent choice!

This is how the dates business came about."He started Mafnood, an Emirati word that means unique, two years ago.

But it is more than just about the business of selling dates – it sells gift boxes, chocolate, soft nougat, macaroons, multiple varieties of dates and, of course, dates covered in chocolate.

It is the first high-end Emirati company of its kind.

London residents are notoriously mistrusting and averse to meeting new people, and the City itself is so densely populated that even those most willing to mingle will be at a loss about exactly where and how to do so.

This situation worsens several-fold in the case of professionals looking for partners within their income bracket or line of work, quite simply because said prospective partners tend to be exactly as busy as they are to begin with.

This is the type of situation where both parties stand to gain something from hiring the services of a dating agency.

London is a big, bustling city at the best of times, and without the aid of these types of services, many of its happy high-income couples may have never met one another.

The sheer size and scope of England’s capital, London, coupled with the reserved nature of most of its locals, makes it a natural fit for the latest trend among single professionals: the dating agency.

London residents seeking a partner and unwilling to sift through large amounts of unsuitable candidates have taken to enlisting the services of these types of organisations, in the hopes of finding a meaningful relationship.