It was worth the time and what we got into did not disappoint us.In fact, we really had fun that afternoon and our stay lasted for more than 3 hours.Originally, our plan was to stay only less than an hour so that we could spend the rest of the evening roaming around the city center.

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The swimming area is cordoned with buoys as marking suggesting that swimmers are warned not to go beyond. Let us not deprive others of the same fun we too experienced, because afterall in this world everyone, like us, deserves to enjoy the nature.

The brand specializes in Filipino food and products and Mississauga will be Seafood City's first Canadian location at the Heartland Town Centre along Mavis Rd. Like many Asian supermarkets, Seafood City also offers other Asian products and North American staples.

The brand's roots started in San Diego, California in 1989 to provide a community-centric place for homesick Filipino immigrants who missed the flavours of their home country and to introduce Americans to the Filipino culture through food.

I think it is one of the safest public beaches I’ve been to in both UAE and KSA. Lifeguards are visible and checking the swimmers from time to time.

Beachgoers, men and women alike, who are clad in beach attires (bikinis) act properly as they were enjoying the water. It is far from what we experienced in Dubai’s public beach where other nationalities ogle like hungry vultures. But I hope they would add more facilities like water sports to delight those visitors and local residents alike who love water adventure. a public beach that is accessible and free for everyone.

(please read my post: The beach is well taken care of. Mosque is near while restaurants, snack kiosks and children’s playgrounds are just within reach. It is one of the treasures that Abu Dhabi could offer to its guests and also to Emiratis who desire a healthy life, a better quality of life above all.

The white sand that stretches hundreds of meters is regularly raked. As visitors, let us do our part to ensure that cleanliness and orderliness are maintained at corniche beach or at any beach for that matter.

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Dousing myself into cool azure beaches is one thing that I enjoy a lot.

I’m sure everyone would agree that it is so relaxing and definitely it relieves one’s stress whether from work or in life.

I was in Abu Dhabi for Eid break and since I heard about its open beaches at its corniche area (there are more in other locations), I headed there together with Syaoran and Vaj.