Unlike the Linden dollar that continues to decline in value, the Entropia Universe PED can be traded at a fixed exchange rate of 10 PED to $1 USD.

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Banking is also taken seriously, unlike the unregulated wild west of Second Life with it’s various in-world ponzi schemes.

Entropia Universe recently sold 5 banking licenses for the amazing sum of $404,000 USD.

It all sounds great on paper, but how does it actually play?

Mining is an option for those who don’t like swinging a sword.

Moving towards a more Second Life experience, players are able to own and run shops, manufacture goods, own land and build on that land, as well as being able to trade, buy, sell and create goods and services.

The addition that makes Entropia Universe a direct competitor to Second Life though is money.

Like Second Life, the in-world currency in Entropia Universe can be converted to US dollars.

Depending on who you listen to, virtual worlds are the new black.

Second Life needs no introduction and yesterday rumors surfaced that Sony was in talks to acquire Club Penguin for 0+ million. World of Warcraft has been an unrivaled success, bringing Dungeon and Dragons style fantasy role playing to an audience in excess of 8 million. Set in a Sci-Fi future players assume the roles of colonists who must develop the untamed planet of Calypso.

At the opposing end is Second Life with its embrace of capitalism and intellectual property rights. Game play is open across a number of different fields.

Players who prefer a World of Warcraft style experience can undertake quests and join in groups to hunt and fight monsters.