Females CAN order this for a male friend/significant other. If they don't, we can work out a time and date on another chat site. I suggest that you let your friend know ahead of time what my service involves; HOWEVER, if you're trying to be an anonymous gift-giver, then I can honor that (message me and we'll figure out the best way to approach your friend).Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Then I perform a blowjob for you as detailed and fun as I can until you cum. If you want to supply me with a pic of your cock so I can imagine sucking it better, please do! For this service, you would need to answer a 9 question survey. The 3RD SERVICE I offer is the "no limit rp" service (EXCEPTION: no underage, rape, pee, animal, extreme abuse, or homo erotic things).

Again, I will dress up in the outfit of your choosing. Let me know ahead of time if you have any unusual kinks you're concerned about. Repeat customers are absolutely welcome though.**ADDITIONAL SERVICES**GIFT SERVICE (great for bdays & xmas!

I really encourage the client to let their censor down and live out whatever fantasy they have (within reason! For this service you would need to answer a 12 question survey. ): If you're interested in ordering me as a gift or present for a friend of yours, we can work something out! Also, it helps if we figure out the outfit beforehand, so I can be ready and your friend won't have to wait.

I do like to ask a few preliminary questions, in order to get know you a little better. I simply send you the questions to your inbox here; you answer and send back!

If anything is too personal though, just let me know. For EVERY service I offer, I dress up in an outfit of YOUR choosing.

I ALWAYS take a photo for my clients (no nudie), wearing the outfit requested.

For outfit requests, please send me multiple links to some of your favorite outfits and I'll let you know what I have that is similar and might work. Here, I will also dress up for you in the outfit of your choosing.

I offer online RP services for men in exchange for survey questionnaires.

In exchange for answering a survey questionnaire, I will dress up for you (yes, REALLY) and RP/cyber with you until you cum.