Based on how you raise her, her stats will change and she chooses a career and life partner based on that.

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Fair warning: Not all of these games run on all operating systems.

A longer list (with descriptions) can be found at their wiki.

If the game advertises itself as free but is only partly free (for instance, by requiring payment to access high-tier abilities or equipment), the game is an Allegedly Free Game.

Each game is basically a Raising Sim with some Dating Sim elements and RPG Elements thrown in for good measure.

Each game begins with the player gaining an adoptive daughter who's special in some way.

The player is tasked with raising his/her daughter from adolescence to adulthood.

The player sets up her schedule regarding what jobs she takes, and what her education is.

There are several websites dedicated to covering and hosting freeware games: The Other Wiki keeps a list of available freeware games, as well as lists for commercial games released as freeware and open-source games.

Linux users have a lot of these available and updated via software repositories.

For those of you who have no idea what games to choose, this guide is absolutely not freeware; there was a misconception of people believing the game was free when it was pirated on the Internet and the lack of understanding how most doujin games are released.

The game's page can point you to where you can find the English version of the game localized by Rockin' Android legitimately).