Well it seems African men are on a high demand, especially the ones involved in oil and gas exploration.According to reports, reality TV star and fashion designer Angela Simmons is dating a Namibian oil tycoon, Knowledge Katti.

Knowledge Katti, according to Businessweek, has been the Executive Vice President at Giyani Gold Corporation and 99 Capital Corporation since November 2010.

The 40-year-old Namibian is also the founder and CEO of Kunene Energy, an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Namibia.

From his Instagram posts, Knowledge definitely loves fast cars, the beach, charity and good music.

He posted a picture with Angela Simmons last month and commented, “#Dear Life – I learn a lot from friends on a daily basis.

I met my better half, a man who loves, respects and treats me like a Queen.

We are preparing for lobola negotiations and we are planning for our white wedding later this year or mid 2017. Anonymous, You must congratulate me on meeting my better half.Adding my photo to my profile increased my chances.We are so in love and he spoils me rotten I am living my dream. I wish everybody using the site could find their perfect match.Do we have to start getting worried about the types of women who go into Africa’s biggest reality TV Show-Big Brother as many of the allegations and truths that follow some of these representatives can sweep you off your feet?Anyway for those of you with the ears for real gossip, a Ghana Celebrities.Com reader sent the below email—and until proving otherwise, it remains in the allegation box.