However, by 1997 he had changed his mind and asked Mc Cabe to return (alongside new member Tong), reforming The Verve and releasing the very successful album Urban Hymns.Ashcroft was at the forefront of the band's popularity, receiving an Ivor Novello Award for his songwriting However, the pressures of touring and the tensions within the band led to Mc Cabe's departure in mid-1998 and the announcement of the band's break-up in April 1999.In early 2007, Ashcroft made peace with Mc Cabe and Jones and The Verve's reunion was announced in June.

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Richard Paul Ashcroft (born 11 September 1971) is an English musician, singer and songwriter.

He was the lead singer and occasional guitarist of the alternative rock band The Verve from their formation in 1990 until their split in 1999, and continues as a lead vocalist working with guitars and keyboards.

He became a successful solo artist in his own right, releasing three UK top three solo albums.

The Verve reformed in 2007 but again broke up by summer 2009.

Ashcroft then founded a new band, RPA & The United Nations of Sound, and released a new album on 19 July 2010.

On 22 February 2016 Ashcroft announced his fourth solo album, These People, set for release .

Ashcroft formed The Verve (originally just Verve) in 1990 with Mc Cabe, Jones and Salisbury.

The band signed to Hut Records and became well known for their appetite for both psychedelic music and drugs. The band split in 1995, and around this time Ashcroft wrote a collection of songs he intended to release as his first solo album.

Ashcroft's first solo single, "A Song for the Lovers", peaked at No. Richard does not publish the lyrics to his songs in the inlay cards of his albums or singles as he feels they are personal to him.

Ashcroft began work on his second album Human Conditions in 2002. Review aggregating website Metacritic reports a normalized score of 61% based on 15 reviews.

The lead single, "Check the Meaning", was released in early October, and peaked at No. In response to negative reaction to the album, Coldplay's Chris Martin – a fan of both Ashcroft and The Verve – defended the album's merits which "made an impression" on Ashcroft.