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Murmansk National Certificate of Competence: 3rd class engineer cat. Please, answer to me,whether there are for me suitable vacancies. Education Attended Bui Thi Xuan High School, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Palanan, Makati City 1235 Philippines Mobile # : +63 (918) 5059477 Email: zaiberdave Date:21 August 2003My name is VIPIN R. my telephone number is 091-044-28191429my address is #35/4 sait colony ,second street , Egmore , Chennai, 600008Date:21 August 2003I am a Romanian chief engineer. I had a lot of experience in maintenance & overhauling of main engine: SULZER, B&W, M. You can contact me at: mihailescu_octavian Date:20 August 2003Dear Sir, I am a Filipino seaman with 3 years ocean going vessels experienced and im looking for any shipboard employment as an Able Bodied Seaman. To Speak : English, Hindi & Tamil Declaration: Station: Santa Cruz Rathn Kumar R. kindly post your cv at the email address Greetings, I am a licensed Master 200 GT 300 IT, Opperater of Uninspected Towing vessels upon near coastal waters not more than 200 miles offshore. I have 13 years experience on towboats with an occasional voyage on small cruise ships. Ken Rea kenrea we are a calm and experienced couple who are looking for deliveries and captain/engineer and cook/stewardess position on a smallish sailing yacht. I want to get some expeirence or knowledge on marine engg.. All the required special courses for obtaining 2nd. Mehalla kobra), and worked there under supervision of a specialist, assesting in the operation e.g.

My e-mail: alex1sulyak Date:29 August 2003Minh Phan Address: 393 TK 26/37 Tran Hung Dao St., Disctrict 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Bachelor in Deck Department of Viet Nam Maritime University Interests Sailing, fishing, and listen a pop music./Date:27 August 2003Neil A. You can email me for CV fordh2000Date:20 August 2003Sir, my name ıs Emre Bayin . R Date Of Birth : 18/03/1981 Gender : Male Educational Qualification: B. K i would like to do any type of job required to do.i am a name is rathn kumar.i hav e just competed my (B. i am looking for job.i would like to do any type of job which u like .i am now residing in me in this email address.matrix_143_us But are also willing to take work on bigger boats as enginner and stewardess. Work on ships: tanker (Lib), G/C, supply, tug, reefer. Engineer degree, under the provisions of (STCW 95), from the Arab Academy of Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, Alexandria, Egypt. and are as follows: Personal survival Techniques and Search and Rescue Advanced Course in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Proficiency in Survival Crafts and Rescue Boats Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities Medical First Aid Prevention and combating of Marine Pollution Sea Service: 5 months on board Oil Tanker ship, under function of Engineer Officer. caesarian sections, appendectomy, explorations and open reductions with internal fixation, was responsible for the follow up of and preparing reports for the specialist about the general condition of the patients and supervising the overall performance of nursing.

E-mail : minhphan_saigon Objective: Bachelor in Deck Department of Viet Nam Maritime University that will utilize my extensive experience and skills in a industrial/marine environment. James 2233 South Moberly 903.736.8730 Longview, TX 75601 rogerrabbitfood Objective: seeking an engineering/ machinist position that will utilize my extensive experience and skills in a gas/industrial/marine environment. I m from Turkey having a work experience of 5years in a three-four star hotel as a waiter and receptionist. i like to reveal that i am a fresher with no experience..i m needing the following crew for my cargo carrier from india please contact if engineers. We both have good people skills and have a good yachting background. contact me with this email address: sachincute Officers required for Deck/Barge to be towed from Gujerat (India) to Cameroon. Chief Engineer 4.2nd Engineer Contact: psa Radio Officer - Radioelectronic Officer (GMDSS 2 class) looking a job on any type of ships. Contact e-mail: pron_igor , phone: +7 86148 52174 (Russia). 7 months on board Product Carrier, under function of Engineer Officer 7 months on board General Cargo ship, under function of Engineer Officer. Abdullah al mahmud planetbd Dear All, I would like to work with Your company as a Duty free attendent, or Bar waiter where I can successfully use and raise my skills and competence. (safety basic, crowd...) Thanks advanced Sicerely yours Milica Maksimovic Name: MILICA MAKSIMOVIC Sex: Female Marital status: Single Date of birth: 18th Jun 1971 Place of birth: Loznica, Yugoslavia Address: Jovana Djordjevica, 11 (CUVALO) Novi Sad Yugoslavia Mobile: ++381638601133 +38121456014 E-mail: mmaksimovic Oct 1991-Apr 1996 Professor of Biology and Chemistry Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia Let me crew on your bluewater 38' sloop or larger, have passport, excelent health, single and wanting to sail and learn Aleq AT 4 June, 03' gladly work for travel and experience. Registration with the Egyptian medical authorities Number 147895 on 3,sep, 2002.

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