It’s an incredible component of knowledge transmitted from father to son, mother to daughter, and the elder generations to the younger generations through intense initiations.From the age of seven to twelve every child is obliged to enter… Also In This Issue Kem Graduation: The Vow To Uphold “It is interesting to think about the period of time in our lives where we begin to question the direction we are walking.” Returning Home: Death of WSR “Even with resistance from modern intellectual and political fronts and beliefs, Meritah (Africa) has come to be understood as the birthplace of the ingenuity of humanity…

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Imagine forgetting where or what home is, or even being born away from home.

Imagine living in a place where every symbol that represents your home is considered evil, ignorant or obsolete.

If you become convinced that there is nothing valuable about your place of origin, what will you call home? Well, the type of knowledge we are really talking about and standing behind is actually the knowledge that is passed down to us by our elders, priests, and healers from the mystery schools in western Meritah.

Recovering Traditions: Languages of Meritah No language can fit you like your mother tongue, especially if you still speak it or used to speak it well.

Your mother tongue holds your earliest memories, the first human sounds you heard after birth, your earliest conversations with your mother, the first months and years of your life and much more.

Your mother tongue connects you to your past as completely as no language you learn after it ever does.

Your mother tongue lets you voice everything that you became since you were born; it reveals the world into which you are becoming like no other language, and it connects you to the worldview of the community in which you were born more completely than any languages you master after it. The Earth Center Opens In Baltimore The Uprooting Crisis In Burkina Faso Yes, you read it correctly! The Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia region has been blessed and honored to become the sixth location within the continent of Maanu (Americas) in which the sacred and prestigious education of traditional Kemetic initiation will commence.

This is no small thing, and the timing of its opening couldn’t have found us in a more desperate condition. The continent of those considered “underdeveloped” or “uncivilized” is being invaded by several streams of thought and ideologies that have colonial and imperialist origins.

The notable remark is that the authenticity of the values is being wiped out by this phenomenon.

To talk about authenticity is to talk about dignity.

And he who talks about dignity talks about remaining incorruptible… Repatriation Purpose of Initiation The basic survival instinct is to return home.