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It is the release of histamine that causes the body to protect itself from the pathogens in ways that we recognize as an allergic reaction.

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Histamine is responsible for the immune response to the stimuli that we are familiar in symptoms as itching, sneezing, hives, runny nose and watery eyes. Traditional antihistamines act by minimizing swelling and controlling the dilation of small blood vessels that translate to those common allergy symptoms.

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They accomplished this by blocking the histamine from connecting with its receptors in specific nerve, muscle and glandular types of cells.

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There are some others as well that play a less significant role.

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Non-sedating antihistamines are as effective as others but offer additional benefits.

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The most significant advantage of non-sedating antihistamines is just what their mane implies: they do not have a sedative-like effect on the user.